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Thanksgiving dessert goals often focus on traditional, picture-perfect pies that involve gluten (flaky crusts), nuts (pecans), dairy (butter, milk, whipped cream), and stress (the blind bake! the lattice!) to the exclusion of many with dietary restrictions — not to mention a cook's sanity.
This year, we decided to put ease and inclusivity at the center of our dessert planning, with 10 new holiday recipes — five no-roll crusts and five revamped classic fillings — that are intended to be mixed and matched for a build-your-own-pie adventure.
The pies are presented as separate crust and filling recipes for two reasons: to enable maximum creativity and to accommodate all kinds of dietary needs. There are 25 possible combinations, from a flambéed apple pie with a pretzel and waffle cone crust to a baklava-inspired pecan pie with a garland of store-bought phyllo.
All are chill-and-fill pies that can be made in advance — ideal for a day when oven space is in high demand. Follow our lead if you like (in the photos that follow, we've shown some of our favorite pairings), or construct your dream dessert. Sticking with our five no-roll crusts will spare you butter-smudged kitchen counters, but you can swap in your favorite fully baked pie shell.
There are a few guiding principles to consider when customizing your pie. The versatility and crunch of the Brown Sugar Shortbread Crust, Granola and Marshmallow Crust, and Sweet-and-Salty Pretzel and Waffle Cone Crust make these three ideal shells for all five of the fillings. The soft texture and mild sweetness of the Walnut and Date Crust lends itself especially well to nutty pies, like the Peanut Butter Chai Pie, Black Sesame Pumpkin Pie, and Nutty Baklava Pie. The light and crisp White Chocolate Meringue Crust works best with low-moisture fillings; try it with the Roasted Spiced Cranberry Pie and Peanut Butter Chai Pie. But most importantly, remember that these pies are all about making the holidays welcoming to all. Don't be afraid to experiment!
This pecan pie and baklava hybrid is crunchy, sticky, and sweet with a hint of orange and spice from Grand Marnier and cardamom.
Cranberries are roasted with lemongrass and gochugaru to give this vibrant pie a fruity and fragrant kick.
Apple cider and a combination of fresh, cooked, and dried apples join forces in this stovetop apple pie filling enhanced with licorice-laced pops of toasted fennel seeds and fragrant orange zest.
Silky pumpkin custard gets extra richness from the addition of mascarpone cheese. Instead of the classic chocolate base of a black bottom pie, there's a layer of nutty black sesame paste.
Peanut butter and cream cheese are whipped into an airy cloud and folded together with aromatic chai-spiced whipped cream in this dreamy and truly effortless pie.
Granola stays nice and crunchy even once coated in gooey melted marshmallow in this grown-up version of a Rice Krispies Treat in crust form.
Sweet and buttery, this cookie-like gluten-free crust has a sandy texture and deep toffee flavor from the brown sugar.
A short bake gives this soft crust more structure for clean slicing.The dates are the sweetening agent in this crust—there is no added sugar.
If you love a classic graham cracker crumb crust, this equally versatile version of finely ground pretzels and crushed waffle cones is a must-try.
Marshmallowy Italian meringue is baked and then brushed with melted white chocolate to create a barrier to help prevent this crust from getting soggy once filled and chilled.
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