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At the end of a perfect restaurant meal, there’s that inevitable moment when you ponder getting dessert. Sure you could order a creme brulee or a fancy soufflé, but if you really want to go all out, only one thing comes to mind: good old-fashioned chocolate cake. Nothing says comfort and is as satisfying as a good slice of chocolate cake. The classic dessert can be served in towering layers or with a molten core, and of course, it should be shared by anyone and everyone at the dinner table.
We’ve rounded up a long list of choices that will cure your chocolate craving in any state you’re in (or visit!). Here’s where to get the best slice of chocolate cake in every state.
We’ve already given credit to the best cake in Alabama, and it just happens to be chocolate. Dean’s Cake House in Andalusia is the home of the seven-layer cake, and the chocolate variety, in our opinion, reigns supreme.

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We think that pairing red wine with chocolate is brilliant. Even smarter? Adding it to the cake batter. Cake Studio in Anchorage makes this decadent dessert from scratch, adding merlot to the rich chocolate layers sandwiched between chocolate ganache buttercream. The final touch is a dusting of cake crumbs. Yum!
Yelp users can’t get enough of chocolate cake at Phoenix’s Velvet Buttercream bakery. We wholeheartedly agree. The Cookie Monster isn’t classic chocolate cake, it’s a cookie-infused masterpiece that will surely cure a sugar craving. This cake is filled and topped with crushed Oreos and chocolate chip cookies, even in the icing.
The best chocolate cake in Arkansas is really a ….cupcake? Let’s pretend it’s just a slice or a serving made just for you. The Food Network Cupcake War competitors change the flavors at Bliss Cupcake Cafe constantly with the exception of the Chocolate Milkshake, a light milk chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing topping its tender light milk chocolate cake. There’s a bonus – if you aren’t in the area, you can have them shipped.
The Au Chocolate Cake from Extraordinary Desserts lives up to its name. Flourless chocolate cake is infused with vanilla, cocoa beans, and French salt. Dark chocolate ganache is poured over the top and macarons dot the surface. Pastry Chef Karen Krasne also has a cookbook available to allow cake lovers to experiment at home. We hope the chocolate cake is included!
At the Marigold Cafe & Bakery, the Double Chocolate Mousse Cake Chocolate cake is layered with a bittersweet chocolate mousse and topped with a rich ganache and chocolate shavings. If that read ‘chocolate, chocolate, chocolate’ you would be right. It’s all about the cocoa. This cake has won awards before. It was voted the ‘Best Cake in Colorado Springs’ but we think it may well be the best in the state.
Aarti Khosla created Cafe Le Rouge in Westport to blend the flavors of her home country of India with chocolate. Her website says she wanted to “capture the flavors from around the world in the divine language of chocolate.” Her Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate Ganache cake speaks that language well. The chocolatier modeled this cake after a popular truffle, rich, chocolatey, and infused with Kentucky bourbon.
Locals in Newark know that Bing’s Bakery is known for consistently delicious desserts. The Chocolate Mocha Torte is no exception. Four layers of moist chocolate cake are sandwiched between their homemade mocha buttercream. Delicious!
A new resort flanking the World Equestrian Center recently opened in Ocala. The Equestrian reflects the theme of the “horse capital of the world,” but also serves an old-fashioned chocolate cake with a view. You can opt for the treats from the on-site patisserie, but the best bet is found at Stirrups Restaurant. Sit on the porch to watch the competing horses and enjoy Florida’s best—a springy chocolate sponge cake with decadently rich icing made with couverture chocolate. If you aren’t familiar, that’s a grade of chocolate higher in cocoa butter and appreciated for its superior taste and texture.
Bear with me for a moment. I’ll try to keep this G-rated. There’s a little restaurant in Savannah. It’s one of about six locations. I’m not going to share their name for the chocolate cake. I had to look it up in the urban dictionary—don’t if you are easily offended. Let’s just say this restaurant calls itself Better Than Sex and the names of the desserts are decidedly ‘spicy’. Everything is coated in chocolate, even the cocktails. It’s the perfect titillating spot for a romantic date night. Their chocolate cake is delicious, one of the best I’ve ever had. But again, if you can’t tolerate the risqué, let’s leave it at that.
The Chocolate Cake from Cake M in Honolulu is a rich chocolate sponge cake between chocolate cream and topped with ganache. What makes it special is the preparation. When they say “from scratch,” they mean it. There are no mixes or pre-made powders. This bakery uses whole ingredients to make their chocolate masterpiece, many coming from local farms in O’ahu.
Burger and brew spot The Snakebite Restaurant has an unexpected winner on their menu. There’s not a lot of description, just a suggestion to leave room for locally-made chocolate cake. Don’t bring your credit cards if you want to have a taste. This restaurant uses only cash or check.
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The Lutz Bakery in Chicago has created sweet treats for patrons since 1948. Their chocolate cake is a classic, dark, spongy chocolate layer cake with chocolate cream and a covering of thick ganache. With a long history of serving Chicago, the bakery also delivers its cakes all across the country.
Made in-house at the Carmel City Center location of The Cake Bake Shop, Gwendolyn’s Famous Earl’s Court Chocolate Cake was a prize winner at the London Cake & Bake Show in 2012. We can’t argue with the accolades, covering this delicious dessert in other articles as well. There are three layers of Valrhona French chocolate cake divided by a Belgian chocolate ganache and malted cream. Belgian chocolate fudge and Fleur de Sel adorn the top. Food Network also covered this cake for its show “Guilty Pleasures.”
Food Network gave the Sweet to Eat Bakery in Des Moines the title of “Best Chocolate Cake in Iowa.” We agree! You can fill your chocolate layers with chocolate ganache or mix it up with some cookies and cream buttercream.
Dolce Bakery in Prairie Village has the motto, “every batch from scratch.” That approach to baking has made them a successful spot for baked goods since 2007. Their Chocolate Blackout Cake is their bestseller, with layers of vanilla cream cheese icing piped between rich chocolate cake. The entire confection is covered with icing and chocolate shavings, the black and white contrast tasting as good as it looks.
When you see that a bakery has been in operation since 1924, you know they are doing everything right. Plein’s Bakery has been a favorite in Louisville for cakes, cupcakes, and more. They call their Fudge Cake an “everyday cake” and have it always ready in their to-go case. When you visit, plan on getting a scoop of ice cream made on-site.
I could write a love letter to the food in New Orleans. It might mention Joe Gambino’s Bakery. While the bakery is famous for Doberge Cake, a NOLA original, the Brownie Cake is also an epic choice. The bakery suggests you get a glass of milk to enjoy the chocolate fudge, pecans, brownies, and poured chocolate icing. Chocolate overload!
Baking from scratch for over fifty years, Hillman’s Bakery has been creating an affordable and tasty chocolate cake for residents in Fairfield. The spot is also known for its friendly, smiling staff. Sometimes the classics are just the best, but if it’s available, try the chocolate cake topped with banana pudding, whipped cream, hot fudge, and chocolate chips.
Charm City Cakes is well known for Chef Duff and his Food Network show Ace of Cakes. It’s also known for this delicious cake. The Ultimate Chocolate Cake has a chocolate mousse filling and is coated with a layer of chocolate cream cheese frosting. The finishing touches are gold and chocolate sprinkles, chocolate nonpareils, and chocolate ganache adorning the top. The best part? You can order this cake to come to your house!
The Midnight Chocolate Cake at Flour Bakery is made of dark chocolate devil’s food cake, milk chocolate buttercream, and covered with a bittersweet chocolate ganache and fresh fruit. Named a Top 100 Bakery by Food & Wine, this bakery knows how to put together an epic cake.
When they say that the chocolate cake is big at Cranberries’ Cafe in Goodrich, they aren’t kidding. The massive six-layer cake is served by the rich and chocolatey slice for $10.95, quite the deal as you can feed everyone at your table with one piece.
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We are veering away from a classic recipe just a bit for Minneapolis’ French Meadow Cafe’s version of chocolate cake. Yes, there are layers of chocolate cake, but instead of buttercream, expect naturally dyed vanilla rose icing. The creative cake is available during dinner at the bakery and cafe, which has the distinction of being the country’s first organic bakery.
If you find yourself traveling to New Albany, take a minute to just breathe in the sugar-laced air at Sugaree’s Bakery. The from-scratch cakes have been covered in the press everywhere from The New York Times to Garden & Gun and for good reason. You can tell the Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Cake is tender just by looking at a slice. Try some!
The name says it all, Chocolate Inebriation. The tender chocolate cake infused with stout is covered by a bourbon ganache. Bailey’s Chocolate Bar in St. Louis makes this boozy and sweet!
We covered Bernice’s Bakery in Missoula when we listed “The Best Cakes in Every State.” Now, we are going to talk about their delicious Chocolate Chocolate Cake. It’s a classic with buttercream between rich cake layers.
The Chocolate Bar in Grand Island serves made-from-scratch sweet treats to pair with the drink menu. A fantastic option is an Old-Fashioned Chocolate. The cake is full of cocoa and tastes of vanilla, hazelnut, and almond. If you love your slice, you can give 24 hours notice and order a whole cake.
I’m sure there’s some serious competition for this title. However, the reviews are in—Patisserie Manon makes a Truffle Cake that just can’t be beat. This popular cake has devil’s food cake layered with chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate curls. Every bite is chocolate overload. You can also order the same cake with raspberries or strawberries to complement the cocoa.
Amherst’s Dutch Epicure Bakery makes an incredible Basilic Chocolate Cake. The talented bakers take three layers of sponge cake and line them with a layer of raspberry puree and chocolate mousse. It’s iced with buttercream and decorated with more chocolate and raspberry puree, perfect partners to bring out the fresh fruit and rich cocoa.
The name of the bakery says it all. The Dulce de Leche Chantilly cake, a concoction made of chocolate cake layers, gooey dulce de leche, and whipped cream, gets huge compliments at this West New York Argentinian bakery named, you guessed it, Dulce De Leche. The cake is also beautiful, with drips of chocolate cascading over the whipped cream layer.
The Chocolate Maven won “Best of Santa Fe 2021” and the spot has been written up in Fodor’s, Travel & Leisure, and Lonely Planet. We are talking about it for the decadent Chocolate Buttercream Cake. Made with dark Belgian chocolate and milk chocolate buttercream, it can be made gluten-free or vegan and shipped nationwide.
The Evercake’s nod to Frida Kahlo is adorned with a look similar to the artist’s signature Mexican flower crowns and full of dark cocoa flavor. The sinfully rich buttercream exterior is decorated with a rose macaron and a cluster of bright blooms, making this New York City cake truly spectacular.
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Our opinion of chocolate? More is better, especially when it’s in a cake. At the Groovy Duck Bakery in Raleigh, the Triple Chocolate Cake makes good use of cocoa with chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse and chocolate buttercream. Chocolate ganache covers the layers and shavings of chocolate just add to the extreme level of flavor.
“Spectacular” and “outstanding” are two of the words reviewers used to describe the Chocolate Feuilletine Cake from Nichole’s Fine Pastry & Cafe in Fargo. Dark chocolate mousse is sandwiched between cake layers filled with hazelnut crunch. The entire cake is covered with a rich dark chocolate glaze made more beautiful with a lustrous gold leaf decoration.
Therese Whitfield was a Swiss baker who started The Suisse Shop Bakery in Columbus in the 80s. Since then, the shop was voted “Best Wedding Cake Bakery” for eight years running. You can’t go wrong with the Double Chocolate Cake, made of a generous portion of chocolate buttercream and cocoa cake layers.
The Chocolate Fix at the La Baguette Bistro bakery in Oklahoma City absolutely takes care of any chocolate cravings that you might have. The three-layer cake is layered and iced with chocolate rum icing and decorated with curls and sprinkles. This luscious chocolate treat reflects the skill the owners, brothers Chef Alain and Michell Buthion, were exposed to growing up in the South of France.
Combining baking skills with the knowledge of a chocolatier is a sure way to make an incredible chocolate cake. At JaCiva’s Bakery & Chocolatier in Portland, chocolate enthusiasts get to indulge in a 7th Heaven, a cake with seven different types of chocolate. This bestseller for the bakery has chocolate fudge cake layered with fudge filling, white chocolate mousse, and chocolate chips. It’s finished off with a layer of Swiss buttercream and a covering of poured white chocolate.
Chocolate cake with stripes of vanilla creme brulee, fresh raspberries, and chocolate mousse make chocolate cake a star on the menu of Dolce Patisserie. The cake, named the Signature of the store, is a showstopper in appearance as well as taste.
Known for their tender, moist cakes, Sin in Providence is the place to go to “eat wicked, never feel guilty.” The Chocolate Bourbon Cake is no exception to that motto. Deep cocoa layers have just a tiny taste of bourbon, giving this cake something extra.
It’s no secret that Greenville’s food scene is vibrant and creative. The Brick Street Cafe serves cake slices Tuesday through Saturday. We highly suggest you order the Best Chocolate Cake I Ever Had. Sometimes you have to just call it like it is.
Queen City Bakery makes a selection of delectable cakes, including a great classic chocolate. We really appreciate one of their specialties, the Chocolate Espresso. This cake has a handcrafted espresso buttercream on top. Chocolate glaze is poured over and chocolate-covered espresso beans dot the surface. Incredible!
We are veering away from a bakery and into a restaurant for just a slice of this unbelievable cake. The Oak Chocolate Cake at Oak Steakhouse Nashville is full of tart espresso balancing the sweetness of the chocolate mousse and peanut butter buttercream.
Offering delivery in Dallas, the Dark Chocolate Bakery makes a classic chocolate cake with a spin. The Chocolate Toffee Crunch Cake has two layers filled with toffee pieces and chocolate buttercream. Their elegant cakes have been sold through Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Horchow for years, allowing all of us that don’t live in Texas a chance at tasting the talented recipes of founder Jill Frank.
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Using local ingredients whenever possible, Tulie Bakery in Salt Lake City bakes an exceptional classic chocolate cake. Triple layers of cake wrap around vanilla or chocolate buttercream. The presentation is simple with the cake as the star of the show.
Barre’s Delicate Decadence has created a rich, indulgent Double Fudge Cake that satisfies. Chocolate cake is stacked with fudge icing to make a lush cocoa dessert. Chef Tim Bolton puts to use his 15 years of European food experience to create a selection of pastries and cakes served with fresh coffee in the shop, including this exceptional cake.
When you see the number of awards that Edibles Incredible Desserts in Sterling has won, you won’t be surprised that they’re making the best chocolate cake in Virginia. Owners Alan Furman and Robyn Hannah fell in love and went into business together, opening this bakery to cater to the sweet in all of us. The Chocolate Mousse Bliss cake is just superb. If you aren’t in the area, you won’t miss out. The three layers of cake and milk chocolate mousse covered with ganache can be delivered to your door, wherever you live in the United States.
Bakery Nouveau has won the title of Seattle’s best bakery numerous times for a good reason. The Classic Chocolate Cake offered at their three locations is a delight with dense cake layers and plenty of flavor in the dark chocolate mousse and glaze. A customer favorite, you can see the moist texture in every slice.
For those that love German Chocolate cake, we wrote about South Charleston’s Spring Hill Pastry Shop in an article rounding up the best cakes in the U.S. This type of chocolate cake layers in coconut and pecan chocolate frosting for a chewy, delicious texture. Reviewers enjoyed the shop’s cake so much that they called it a personal favorite.
Open for over 40 years, Aggie’s Bakery & Cake Shop is the go-to spot for celebration cakes in Milwaukee. They use their original buttercream recipe in the layers of their chocolate cake, a taste they’ve honed from experience.
The Buttercream Design Co. is all about celebrations and because of that mission, the cake artists not only come up with creative designs to compliment your event, they will bring it to you. Based in Jackson Hole, they’ve shipped and hand-delivered masterpieces from Savannah to Santorini, with no destination off limits. The Cookies-n-Cream Cake is a twist on the classic chocolate with vanilla icing. It’s filled with crumbled Oreos to add to the chocolate delight.
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