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Due to its ever-expanding library, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what’s worth watching, so here are the best series on Netflix right now.
Given how many different streaming services there are these days and the frequency with which they all update their libraries, subscribers really are spoilt for choice. Not all television series are created equally, however, which can sometimes make figuring out which shows are actually worth watching on Netflix and other streaming platforms like it a very tricky task indeed.
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With so many television shows to choose from on Netflix alone, viewers often have to rely on positive word of mouth or recommendations from friends or family when deciding which show to watch next. However, this list aims to simplify that process. As such, those looking for the best television shows to watch on Netflix right now need only read on.
Many consider Breaking Bad to be one of the best television series ever made. Better Call Saul doesn't quite live up to that billing, but it's still a fantastic show with a wonderful cast of characters and some genuinely interesting storylines for viewers to enjoy – particularly those concerning the relationships that the titular character shares with those around him.
Returning characters aside, it's difficult to draw too many thematic comparisons between Better Call Saul and the show from which it spun off of, though in terms of production quality, it's easily a match. With the show finally coming to an end with its sixth and final season in April of 2022, viewers can now sit back and binge-watch the entire series if they're so inclined.
Not to be confused with the Amazon Prime show of the same name, Catching Killers is a four-part documentary series that tells the stories of some of America's most notorious serial killers and the attempts by law enforcement agencies to bring them to justice. It's a gripping show from start to finish and does an excellent job of highlighting just how much work really goes into catching a cautious killer.
The series focuses on three cases: The Green River Killer, Aileen Wuornos, and the Happy Face Killer — the latter of which is split up across two episodes. Given the subject matter being explored here, it's obviously not a feel-good series to watch with the family. For those who enjoy a good true-crime series, however, they don't often come much better than this.
Netflix has been gradually expanding its library of high-quality animated content in recent years, but Maya and the Three has arguably raised the bar to a brand new height. It was incredibly well-received by both critics and viewers when it was released in October of 2021 and still maintains an impressive 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing.
The nine-part mini-series is visually stunning and features some excellent voice-work to boot. Best of all though, Maya and the Three takes viewers on an adventure so enchanting that even the likes of Disney would struggle to match it; particularly when it comes to its epic ending. Those looking for something that's both exciting and enlightening to watch either with or without their kids could certainly do a lot worse.
After its release at the end of October 2021, Inside Job quickly became one of the most popular shows on Netflix. The animated series is set in a world in which all conspiracy theories are actually real, which, as one might expect, leads to some truly hilarious moments throughout its ten half-hour episodes. It's a great show to watch with either friends or family and is all but guaranteed to provide a good laugh or two.
One of the things that makes the show so enjoyable is its excellent voice cast, which boasts big names like Christian Slater and Chris Diamantopoulos, as well as John DiMaggio of Futurama and Adventure Time fame. Their delivery really does help the humor to land, which, in turn, allows the show's creators to sell some truly ridiculous concepts and characters, including reptilian shapeshifters and a talking mushroom man.
With the sixth season of Riverdale now underway, those hoping to binge-watch themselves up to date before it comes to an end are fast running out of time. There are more than 100 episodes in total at the time of writing, which, with each one coming in at around 45 minutes in length, equates to just shy of 72 hours of high-quality Teen Drama goodness.
Starring a talented young cast that includes KJ Apa and Lili Reinhart, Riverdale is often compared to another popular Netflix Show, Stranger Things, thanks in large to its small-town setting and the heavy emphasis that both shows place on nostalgia. Where Riverdale differs, however, is through its more mature and subversive approach to storytelling, which likely stems from its ability to draw from pre-existing Archie Comics material.
With season 2 of Locke and Key being released in late 2021, the series is growing increasingly popular. Recency is far from the only thing that the series has going for it though, with its supernatural elements making it a bit of a must-watch for fans of both fantasy and horror. Even for those who aren't, the story on offer is an interesting one that should have very little trouble keeping viewers engaged.
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Following their father's murder, the three Locke siblings (Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode) return to their ancestral home, where they discover a myriad of mysterious magical keys that are somehow connected to their father's death. Some of the themes that the show explores throughout its 20 episodes are pretty heavy, though they're typically handled in a mature and measured manner. What's more, it's a show that gets better as time goes on, with its second season somehow managing to make a bigger impression with both viewers and critics than the first.
Colin in Black & White is a fictionalized drama series that explores the formative years of American civil rights activist and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. It's an incredibly hard-hitting series at times and one that will likely serve as a real eye-opener for those who have never had to deal with bigotry or racial prejudice themselves.
Kaepernick, who made headlines when he began taking a knee during the American national anthem back in 2016, serves as the show's narrator and is portrayed by young actor Jadon Michael onscreen. At times, it can be a difficult show to watch, though, given recent events in America, many will argue that it's one that definitely needed to be made. At the very least, it serves as a poignant reminder as to why so many people continue to call for change.
Though the hype surrounding Squid Game is gradually beginning to fade, the Battle Royale-inspired Korean series — which is available either subbed or dubbed — remains popular with Netflix viewers around the globe. It's easy to see why as well, as its shocking scenes and simple premise combine wonderfully well to form a show that really is unlike anything else on the platform.
The series tells the story of a degenerate gambler named Gi-hun, who, after a seemingly chance encounter with a man at a train station, ends up participating in a series of six deadly children's games for a massive cash prize. The narrative explores both the motivations and backgrounds of him and some of the other 455 players, as well as the mysterious masked figures who are pulling their strings.
Set in the not too distant future, Lost in Space is a modern-day reimagining of Johann David Wyss' seminal novel, The Swiss Family Robinson. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the series' third and final season took a little longer than some fans would have liked, but, after a two-year wait, viewers were finally able to find out what happened to Will Robinson and his family at the end of season 2.
Rather than fizzle out with a whimper, the show's final season ends with a loud and triumphant bang, providing fans with a fitting conclusion that should leave most satisfied. For fans of the sci-fi genre or those looking for something exciting to enjoy with the family, Lost in Space is well worth a watch, more so now that its story has reached a conclusion.
The overwhelming success of Squid Game has led to many Netflix subscribers delving deep into the platform's rich and extensive library of foreign-language programming. Several shows have benefited from this, but perhaps none more so than The Queen of Flow.
Set in Medellin, Colombia, the show follows the story of talented songwriter Yeimy Montoya, who spends more than half of her life in prison after she's tricked into acting as a drug mule. Upon her release, she seeks revenge against the men who framed her, before later attempting to return to a normal life in the show's sophomore season.
Though perhaps not quite as thrilling as the original series from which it spun off of, Narcos: Mexico really isn't all that far behind. The characters it portrays are, like Escobar before them, significantly larger than life and help to provide thrills that are every bit as addictive as the narcotics that they're so forcefully peddling.
Where Narcos often humanized Escobar and presented him as a man of the people, however, Narcos: Mexico focuses firmly on the horrific deeds that those at the top of the food chain routinely carry out. Of course, viewers saw similar atrocities from Pablo as well, but they're far less forgivable when the villains carrying them out are so much less likable.
Given the excitement on offer in the show's first two seasons, expectations were high for season 3 of the psychological thriller, You. Debuting in late 2021, many consider the show's most recent season to be the best one yet, and its ratings on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes would certainly support this assertion.
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Season 3 explores the dysfunctional relationship between Joe and Love as they attempt to raise their newborn son. Joe's impulsive and obsessive nature continues to cause problems, however, forcing Love to take some assertive actions of her own. Those who skipped the first few seasons will perhaps struggle to jump in cold, but returning viewers can expect more of the same You-goodness that they'll have no doubt become accustomed to in recent years.
Looking at the larger-than-life characters that feature in Tiger King, viewers would perhaps be forgiven for thinking that they were watching a drama series rather than a documentary. Convicted felon Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage — or Joe Exotic, as he's better know — took the world by storm when season 1 of Tiger King came to Netflix in March of 2020. With that in mind, it was always just a matter of time before season two rolled around.
As well as focussing on Joe's continued bid for freedom, the show's second season delves deeper into the disappearance of Don Lewis while also showing the aftermath of Jeff Lowe's betrayal. It's nowhere near as much of a must-watch as the show's debut season, but it's still a whole lot more entertaining than most of the other shows on Netflix. For those who really can't get enough, there's even a separate mini-series centered around Bhagavan "Doc" Antle for viewers to sink their teeth into.
Given that the first season of Daughter from Another Mother was viewed by more than 23 million households in its first month on Netflix, it didn't really come as too much of a surprise when a second season of the show was greenlit. Season 2 premiered on Christmas Eve of 2021 and once again proved popular with viewers worldwide thanks to its wonderful premise and some excellent performances from the cast.
The show tells the story of two mothers who are forced to come together to raise their children in a single household after learning that their babies were accidentally switched at birth. Both Ana and Mariana demonstrate plenty of growth throughout the show's sophomore season, with the two mothers helping each other to overcome some of their respective personal flaws and negative character traits.
Though some French people were a little offended by the way in which the first season of Emily in Paris portrayed the people of France, its popularity elsewhere in the world led to the show being renewed for a second season. Debuting in late 2021, season 2 is very much more of the same, with the young cast once again delivering some excellent performances along with plenty of laughs.
Those looking for deep storylines and insightful character growth will likely come away from Emily in Paris disappointed, as it leans much more towards comedy than it does drama. Viewers looking for something light and funny to watch can definitely find that here, however, and while it can sometimes feel as though season two is retreading old ground a little, it's still fresh enough to be worth the watch.
Following three seasons of conflict between Daniel and Johnny, season four of Cobra Kai finally sees the two unite to fight off a common enemy. Granted, there's still quite a bit of friction between the pair throughout the fourth season, but their mutual hatred of Kreese and the returning Terry Silver allows them to at times put aside their differences and work towards a common goal; something that really didn't seem possible earlier on in the series.
With filming on the fifth season of the show having already wrapped, Cobra Kai is now one of the most successful Netflix shows in the platform's history: an impressive achievement indeed for a show that was originally built firmly around nostalgia. Those who enjoy martial arts should definitely consider checking it out, though the show's main characters are equally compelling, particularly the three main senseis and their respective star students.
Based on the BBC Three series Murder in Successville, Murderville offers a modern take on the classic murder-mystery format. It's a little silly in places, but many will argue that this is all part of the show's charm. Even those who don't appreciate some of the more out-there ideas should be able to look past them, as, overall, it's an incredibly entertaining affair that will have viewers hooked right from the get-go.
Will Arnett does a lot of the heavy lifting and is arguably the linchpin that holds everything together, but that's not to say that his experienced co-stars don't pull their weight as well. Cameos from big names like Sharon Stone and Ken Jeong only add to the appeal, with the latter helping to bring the show's debut season to a satisfying and hilarious close.
Following a strong debut back in 2019, The Witcher's second season somehow manages to be even better than its first. Rather than attempting another complicated narrative that spans multiple eras, the show's creators instead took a more linear approach this time around. This makes the storyline a lot easier to follow, without sacrificing any of the wonder and grandeur that made the first eight episodes of the show so compelling to watch.
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New characters are once again well cast, while those who return continue to show an excellent understanding of their characters. Better still, Triss finally has her signature red hair from the books and games and is also a lot more involved than many fans had expected her to be. With a third season already announced and a prequel mini-series also on the horizon, there's arguably never been a better time to check out what the series has to offer.
The first half of Ozark's fourth and final season picks up right where the last one left off: with Marty and Wendy washing pieces of Helen's brain out of their hair in the bathroom of a Mexican drug cartel mansion. This, more than ever before, is a season that focuses on consequences, with the circumstances surrounding Ben's death gradually tearing the Byrde family apart.
So far, season 4 has been a lot more character-focused than those that preceded it, though the show hasn't lost its signature chaos and carnage altogether. The introduction of Alfonso Herrera as Navarro's nefarious nephew makes sure of that, with Javi's ruthlessness providing more than a few shocking and savage moments.
Arguably the first big hit of 2022, The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window is a must-watch for those who enjoy dark comedy and satire. It's a wonderfully well-written series that perfectly parodies previous Netflix thrillers, while still managing to build tension and suspense whenever needed.
Those expecting a traditional thriller will likely come away from the experience disappointed, as that really isn't what the series is all about. It is, at its core, a show that's built around absurdity, and one that is solidly built at that. Kristen Bell will rightfully take a lot of the plaudits for yet another fantastic performance, but her co-stars also deserve a lot of credit for helping it all come together.
Raising Dion was one of the best new shows to come out of 2019 and so its renewal for a second season always seemed likely. It may have taken a little longer to arrive than some would have liked, but season 2 perfectly continues Nicole and Dion's story with all of the same style and flair that made the first season so enjoyable.
In a genre that has long been dominated by Marvel and DC properties, Raising Dion shows that there's always more than one way of doing something. It's a lot more accessible and relatable than a typical superhero movie or series as a result and is suitable for both adults and kids thanks to its typically light tone and easy-to-follow narrative.
Thanks to its charming animation and beautifully composed score, playing Cuphead can often feel like watching a vintage cartoon from the early 20th century. With this in mind, the decision to adapt the much-loved indie game into an actual cartoon was likely a bit of a no-brainer for Netflix executives. Thankfully, the resulting series doesn't disappoint either.
The Cuphead Show! looks and sounds every bit as good as the game, but it perhaps targets a slightly younger audience. That's not to say that more mature viewers won't still be able to appreciate its humor, though, nor its fantastic animation. With episodes all clocking in at around the quarter of an hour mark, it is a little on the short side, although this might actually appeal to some viewers, as the bite-sized chunks that it offers up are very easy to digest.
The popularity of reality television has waned quite a bit in recent years, but there's just something about Love is Blind that makes it difficult not to watch. The show sees contestants dating without actually seeing what the other one looks like, unless, that is, the pair get engaged. It then follows these relationships back out in the real world, with many (predictably, perhaps) falling apart before the big day rolls around.
Though none of this year's contestants are quite as memorable as season 1's Matt Barnett, the show's sophomore season still makes for an incredibly entertaining watch. So much so, in fact, that the format has been rolled out into several other countries, with Love is Blind: Japan coming to Netflix alongside season 2 of the main show.
Inspired by the story of Anna Sorokin, Inventing Anna provides viewers with a larger-than-life story that can at times feel just a little too difficult to believe. A lot of the events depicted throughout the series really are based on real-world events though, which, in turn, makes it an incredibly compelling watch. Think Tiger King, not in terms of actual content, but more the near-constant sense of disbelief.
Julia Garner does a fantastic job bringing the titular character to life, perfectly capturing both Sorokin's overt confidence and her ability to spin a convincing yarn whenever the moment calls for it. The series is a little on the long side, with some episodes clocking in at close to an hour and a half in length, but those able to look past this will find an incredibly captivating series that's well worth the watch.
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