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The world of magic is extremely diverse and there is quite a plethora of creative potential to expand and explore.
Harry Potter without a doubt introduced the most popular on-screen power of magic to its viewers. After that, innumerable series have carried on Harry Potter’s legacy to this date. The world of magic is extremely diverse and there is quite a plethora of creative potential to expand and explore. Gone are the days when magic was merely limited to tricks and illusions. Everything from what one might perceive as supernatural, unexplainable, and mysterious, now falls under this realm. Everyone is in search of a little magic in their lives, even if it is through some of the best enchanting TV series. With that in mind, here is a list of some of the best TV series about magic, ranked.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is preparing to take over the TV world now by releasing their masterpiece – WandaVision. WandaVision essentially centers around two of the strongest Avengers – Vision and Scarlet Witch. While everything is going fine in their lives, soon they learn that things are not as they initially seemed. What sets the show apart is its exquisite cinematography and acting. All characters in the show are incredibly memorable and well-fleshed out. Whether it is Wanda, Monica, or Agatha, they all have incredible character development. Another quality that makes it a fan favorite is how true it stays to the realm of 20th and 21st century sitcoms. If one is a fan of supernatural elements and the MCU in general, they will have a delightful time watching this as it contains a myriad of Easter eggs.
Charmed is essentially a reboot of 1998’s original Charmed, which will remain a cult classic till eternity for those who truly cherish the magic genre. The 2018 CW reboot revolves around two sisters, Maggie and Mel Vera, with their long-lost sister Macy, who uncover they are three powerful witches known as The Charmed Ones. This is how they embark on their journey of protecting the innocent from dark forces, and further unveil the truth about their mother's death. The show framed itself by claiming to be a "feminist reboot", and it does complete justice to it. One of the exceptional ways it does so is by showing women having positive relationships with one another. Most TV series heavily rely on female leads having conflicts with women as a plot device. However, this is not the case here; the girls deeply love each other and value their relationship even with women who are outside their family.
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Adapted from Lev Grossman’s popular Magicians trilogy, The Magicians tells a tale of Brakebills University, a magical and hidden institution with the purpose of educating students about all types of magic. The show follows Quentin, who just wants to learn a few card tricks, and thus enrolls in Brakebill. However, his life takes a bewitching, or, as one should say, a magical turn, when he realizes that everything he used to read as a child is actually real. The show is a rollercoaster journey, and the audience is in for a ride. There are times when it is corny, but at times it is incredibly horrific. In glimpses, the show also captures its fictional multiverse in a Froot Loop–shaped realms that are being entirely consumed by black holes. As bizarre as it sounds, the series beautifully balances the quirkiness with mortal stakes as it has some well-established character complexes that will keep viewers invested till the end.
If one show deserves to be on this list, it is without a doubt ABC’s Once Upon a Time. This show takes the audience into the world of magic, by borrowing characters from mythology, fairy tales, and even Disney, as the citizens of a fictional town known as Storybrooke. Unaware of their reality, the characters are transported out of the magical world, into the real world by the Evil Queen Regina. Now, Emma, the show’s protagonist, must lift the curse and discover more about her past, and destiny.
What sets this show apart is that it takes a fascinating interpretation of each fairy tale character. In each episode, the audience gets a backstory of some fairy tale characters, while simultaneously seeing their story unfold in the real world. This juxtaposition is so wonderfully done that the audience keeps wondering what will happen next in both worlds. Another way it keeps the audience on its toes is by being unpredictable with the storyline, especially by making everyone’s childhood favorite characters evil in the show. This could especially be seen in season three, when the world’s favorite Peter Pan is shown to be the cruelest antagonist of the show.
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Based on a famous book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher tells the tale of three characters through various incidents that shape their lives. As season one ends, the story transforms into an epic adventure tale filled with dwarves, elves, and magic. The show mostly centers around Geralt of Rivia, who is played by the renowned Henry Cavill. Geralt is a monster hunter who struggles to find a place for himself in a realm where people are worse and far crueler than beasts. Whether it is how The Witcher is shot, acted, told, or all of the above, it keeps the audience hooked. Not to mention, all the action scenes will leave the audience gasping for air, as the moves are so unpredictable and intense. Though most shows get dull as the show progresses, The Witcher keeps getting better and better.
Based on a comic book series written by Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy tells the tale of seven children who were miraculously born in 1989, even though none of their mothers showed any signs of pregnancy before a birth. While there were many other kids like them, these seven were adopted by an eccentric billionaire, who trained them into becoming a superhero team named The Umbrella Academy. However, they are far from ideal superheroes. After a falling out, they reunite when their adoptive father dies. What they thought to be a one-time meeting turns into a whole journey of unveiling long-hidden secrets of family and an impending apocalypse that all of them have to stop.
What sets the show apart from the rest and gives it the throne of the best series about magic is the way it handles the entire genre itself. While initially sounding like a standard magic show plot, it is anything but that. The show does a remarkable job of showing each character’s journey, and also coming together to save the world. Not to mention its incredible musical score, which is perfectly choreographed with action scenes, making the audience never want to skip even a second of the show. It also has a perfect balance between intense topics and comedy, which helps the audience binge-watch the series without feeling overwhelmed. Once the viewers are done watching this masterpiece, they would be hoping they have magic powers of their own, or maybe not — depending on if you have seen how season one ends. All in all, this is the perfect definition of a magic show done right.
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