The Figure Accompanying Jimin BTS At The Airport Makes You Fail To Focus

The Figure Who Accompanied Jimin BTS When He Left For Paris Last Wednesday (18/1) Managed To Steal Attention. Check Out The Full Reasons In The News Below.

On Wednesday (18/1), Jimin BTS left for Paris via Incheon International Airport. She attracts a lot of attention with her relaxed and trendy style.

After the portrait of Jimin BTS at the airport was spread, a number of fans failed to focus on the figure accompanying him. He is believed to be Sejin’s manager who was with BTS before their debut.

Sejin is one of ARMY’s most loved BTS staff. He always shows so much love and respect for BTS, including looking after them at big crowds and events.

Last time ARMY heard that Sejin had a more senior role in HYBE. He is also trusted to take care of all groups, including junior BTS ENHYPEN . Like when he was with BTS, Sejin always made sure to protect some of HYBE’s youngest idols in the best possible way.

Since they haven’t been seen with BTS for a long time, ARMY became very excited when a figure suspected of being Sejin walked with Jimin at the airport. With his height and glasses, it’s impossible not to recognize the man who spent so much time with BTS.

Sejin also did a good job as usual. He always made sure of Jimin’s safety by keeping him close when they walked together. Even at other moments, they are seen chatting intimately like brothers and sisters.

This moment finally attracted a lot of attention. Fans cannot hide their love and appreciation for the iconic manager. For many, they love Sejin’s new role because it means he can protect more HYBE artists.

Since Jimin and J-Hope have schedules at Paris Fashion Week 2023, it’s not surprising that HYBE sent the best person like Sejin to take care of the two. Jimin and J-Hope will not only be protected, but also have someone they can really trust while they’re there.

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