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British singer of “The 1975’s,” Matt Healy, became the center of a public backlash following his admission that adult films were used to depict black women in disdain. This isn’t the first time the Indie rock performer has made headlines for bad behavior, as his antics and comments have led to several episodes of the podcast being removed from the internet, but the most recent involves how Matt Healy’s preference for explicit adulthood has emerged. entertainment ruffled some feathers around.

Indie rock band singer Matt Healy was called off for his taste in adult entertainment after a controversial interview in which he bragged between giggles about his preference for explicit adult entertainment to drown out his lowest desires. The British artist, who is currently being romantically linked to Grammy Award-winning pop singer Taylor Swift is now the object of constant criticism following his hatred of the rapper and comments about his taste for adult entertainment.

The Matt Healy controversy
What Taylor Swift thought about her boyfriend’s comments (Credit: People Magazine)

Matt Healy Canceled For Coming Out About His Adult Entertainment Preferences

The British have a loud mouth; she hates rappers, makes demeaning comments, and brags in interviews how her friends caught her having fun with videos depicting the degradation of women of color. While she commented on matters in between giggles and laughs, others found bragging about such things to be untrue, as the websites she used to satisfy her lowest desires had a tendency to demean black women to the point of being unacceptable to some.

The singer, who was recently romantically linked to pop singer Taylor Swift has been the target of criticism online, and it goes as far as to question his romantic relationship with Swift. Healy has been side by side with Swift for the last three dates of her Eras Tour after breaking up with another British boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. But as it turns out, Swifties are outraged that their current pop idol romantic interest is likely to consume explicit adult videos depicting the degradation of black women.

Additionally, the anger towards Healy also concerned her comments about rapper Ice Spice, which she described as derogatory comments about her ethnic background. Healy, who is no stranger to controversy, is known for making racist comments, making rude gestures on stage, and even kissing and sucking the fingers of his fans while he is performing.

The Matt Healy controversy
Matt Healy under fire for comment (Credit: GQ Magazine)

Healy’s Comment Triggers Outrage Among Performers

Musicians like Yungblud have taken to Twitter in the past to comment —without naming him — Healy’s preference for adult entertainment, his mockery of people of Asian descent on the basis of how they speak English with a heavy accent, and his tendency to kiss fans without their consent. . permission.

Why is Taylor Swift Dating Matt Healy?

While Matt Healy hasn’t commented on the public’s backlash to his tendency to say the wrong thing or revel in dirty films that demean black women, the Indie rocker is aloof and was spotted recently leaving a New York City recording studio with his beau. Miss Swift. It makes you wonder what the pop singer thought of Healy’s attitude, knowing that Swift is very outspoken when it comes to respecting others and her whole positive message.

What did Swift do on a date with the guy? Will Healy’s presence affect record sales or Taylor’s concert attendance? It doesn’t seem like it. It seems Taylor also forgot about the time Healy said she would never date him because she would think Swift was emasculating. Water under the bridge now.

After all, Healy’s decisions regarding her choices for adult entertainment are entirely personal; trouble arose when he decided to brag about such things at a time when he was in the public eye. Respect for women is something that must be upheld and upheld, not belittled or belittled by anyone. In a way, Healy’s actions are a reflection of how some people view women only as non-human objects that must be respected.

Whatever her true intentions, it was bound to backfire on her and cause her well-deserved hurt feelings. But in the end, it’s important to remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and preferences. Taylor Swift may be disappointed by what Healy said, but she needs to remember that we all make mistakes.

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