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There have been many great witches over the course of television history, though these seven stand out as the most iconic.
Some of the most recognizable witches of all time are thanks to awesome science fantasy shows, supernatural sitcoms, and their imaginative creators. These powerful witches had some of the most interesting abilities and fascinating backstories that made these shows more entertaining and comforting to watch.
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Fans can get lost in the worlds of witchy TV series while enjoying feel-good, hilarious, and scary stories inspired by all kinds of fantasy, fairy tales, and folklore witches. However, some of these cozy, magical TV shows also had unique characters and storylines that have kept TV viewers fascinated for decades.
Bonnie Bennett is the most powerful witch in The Vampire Diaries, and by the end of the series, she also became one of the most iconic TV witches of all time. She's one of the strongest characters who used her magical powers to protect her loved ones and her town many times, even as a young teen.
Bonnie had many interesting abilities that she learned to use at a high level. She could use her pyrokinesis, necromancy, biokinesis, and telekinesis abilities to levitate objects and control natural elements or even resurrect the dead. The Vampire Diaries is also one of the best shows like Vampire Academy since the two series are set in the same universe, and viewers can meet a wide range of fascinating supernatural characters.
Rowena Macleod is Supernatural's strongest and oldest witch who eventually even became the Queen of Hell. This brilliant and devious witch was hundreds of years old. She was so powerful that she was able to bring herself back from death more than one time using her resurrection seal.
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As a mighty natural witch, Rowena was capable of performing all kinds of deadly spells and was constantly learning new things as well as unlocking new powers in herself. She became the most powerful human in the series, who could even see reapers as well as defeat powerful angels and demons, among many other supernatural beings. This cult show is one of the best TV shows for Loki fans who are looking for an imaginative and twisty series filled with mysteries, hilarious moments, and all sorts of supernatural beings.
Bewitched is one of the most feel-good iconic TV shows with one of the most memorable TV witches of all time. Samantha Stephens was a powerful witch who decided to marry a human and live a normal life.
However, she would still use her powerful magical abilities from time to time to solve problems which always resulted in hilarious moments in the show. For a short time, Samantha became the Queen of Witches. She was able to do pretty much anything she desired as long as she did her unforgettable nose twitch.
Regina Mills is one of the most popular characters of Once Upon A Time, who became one of the most iconic TV witches of all time. Regina was one of the most powerful witches who ever lived, while she started out as a villain named the Evil Queen. However, mainly thanks to her son Henry, she eventually turned things around and became the Good Queen.
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She not only had magical powers but a devious mind, and for a long time, she would sacrifice anything, including her loving dad's life, to achieve her goals and take revenge on Snow White. Once Upon A Time was one of the best TV shows based on fairytales with twisty and dark storylines and characters.
Sabrina Spellman was every 90s teen girl's favorite witch who used her witchy powers in hilarious ways. This iconic TV witch got into all kinds of magical yet relatable adventures after she found out that she's a half-witch and half-human girl. Her two witty and quirky witch aunts would teach her everything she needed to know to become a self-reliant and powerful witch just like them.
This show had plenty of funny and wholesome moments and is still one of the best choices for those who want to watch a magical sitcom that'll make them laugh out loud. Sabrina The Teenage Witch also had one of the most iconic on-screen cats and unforgettable magical mishaps.
Even though Willow Rosenberg started out as a weak and powerless character who was unable to protect herself, she became the most powerful being by the end of Buffy The Vampire Slayer's last season. While Willow was always the most intelligent character in the series, she was a mere human before she discovered how to use magic.
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However, soon after Willow realized that she was a talented witch, she quickly improved her skills and even met the love of her life in the process. Willow had some ups and downs when it came to dark magic and even used it to murder people. However, she eventually turned back to her good self and only used her immense magical powers for good.
Some of the most popular TV witches around the world are the powerful Halliwell sisters of Charmed. This iconic show had brilliant characters and some of the most creative storylines filled with twists, heartache, and mysteries. The story followed the Halliwell sisters, who had to learn how to fight demons and all kinds of supernatural beings while also having to balance their normal human life.
The girls were in their twenties when they suddenly found out that they came from a long line of witches and were the most powerful witches who ever existed, thanks to the Power of Three. The show had many heartbreaking moments, and each sister had interesting and strong magical powers as well as great character development.
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