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The last chapter of the S-Class I Raised revealed to us the whereabouts of the cursed poison dragon king master, the lizard lord who killed Yoojin’s brother. To beat the master, Yoojin has now recruited Sung Hyunjae-sei to his team. He even broke his contract with the help of his skill, Curse Resistance. Perhaps Riette would also join him in his search.

Soon we will see Yoojin getting revenge for his brother with Hyunjae helping him. The 86th chapter is well illustrated and entertained us no less. Things are going to get serious in the coming chapters, and we’re going to have an amazing fight. But before that happens, let’s recap Chapter 86 and the release date of The S-Classes That I Raised Chapter 87.

S-Class I Raised Recap Chapter 86

This chapter begins with Riette meeting Noah, the dragon, on a mountain cliff while Yoojin-Ssi and Sung Hyunjae-Sei are discussing Hyunjae’s contract. Riette grabbed Noah’s neck with his arm and asked him where he had been all this time.

Noah told him to let go because he wanted to see Yoojin, but Reitte wouldn’t let him, because Yoojin and Hyunjae were having an important conversation. Yoojin desperately asked Hyunjae about the cult members, and if he couldn’t tell him about the cult because of the contract, then he could cancel it.

The S-Class That I Raised Chapter 87 Release Date
Yoojin-Ssi and Sung Hyunjae-Sei (Credit: Naver)

Hearing the `Nullifying’ contract confirming that to Hyunjae, Yoojin also had curse resistance. Yoojin was impressed by his intelligence, but he needed to know about cults, even if it meant revealing his skills. She tells him that her skill is L class and she can cancel the contract with him. Hyunae told him that her current skill level wouldn’t be enough, because her contract was L class and resistance skills of an equivalent class wouldn’t be able to negate it, and her eye and right arm were in danger.

Yoojin told him that his skills multiplied against the cursed poison dragon, and he was ready to take all the responsibility. She told him that she would do whatever she could to get back at him if something went wrong. When Yoojin was about to cancel, Hyunjae grabbed his neck and said he liked him but not enough to sacrifice any body parts.

The S-Class That I Raised Chapter 87 Release Date
Hyunjae grabs Yoo Jin’s neck (Credit: Naver)

Hyunjae signed the contract because he didn’t want to live his life in the dark. So Yoojin told him that he was still hiding things from her, so there was more fun waiting for him. Hyunjae grinned and let go of his collar. He gave her the contract and told her if he destroyed it, not forgetting that he risked his life for her, and he was looking forward to seeing how Yoojin would repay his debt.

The S-Class That I Raised Chapter 87 Release Date
Yoojin-Sei and Sung Hyunjae-Sei (Credit: Naver)

Yoojin started to use his skills in his contracts; the contract started to shine more and more as time went on. A notification appears stating that; the body damage curse is being activated due to breach of contract and Activates . Another note came in stating, `all effects will be doubled when the opponent is the lord of the cursed poison dragon king’. It was a success without Hyunjae losing anything.

The S-Class That I Raised Chapter 87 Release Date

The upcoming chapter of `The S-Classes That I Raised’ is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, at KST. Chapters are released every week. The international schedule for The S-Classes That I Raised Chapter 87 is as follows:

  • Indian Standard Time (India): 22:31 on May 22, 2023
  • Central European Time (Europe): 05:01 on May 22, 2023
  • New York (USA): 11:01 a.m. on May 22, 2023
  • Singapore Standard Time (Singapore): 23:01 on 22 May 2023
  • Pacific Time: 08:01 on May 22, 2023
  • Eastern European Time: 06:01 on May 22, 2023
  • Philippine Standard Time (Philippines): 23:01 on May 22, 2023
  • Japan Standard Time (Japan): 00:01 on May 23, 2023
  • Australian Capital Territory (Australia): 00:31 on 23 May 2023
  • Eastern Indonesia Time: (Indonesia) 12:01 a.m. on May 23, 2023
  • Korean Standard Time (Korea): 00:01AM on May 23, 2023

Where to Watch the S-Class I Raised Chapter 87 Online?

You will be able to read The S-Classes That I Raised Chapter 87 on the Naver Series and Naver webtoon, but in Korean. The official English translation of S-Classes That I Raised is available on Line Webtoon and Tappytoon with 86 chapters currently.

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