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Scream reinvented the slasher genre back in 1996, and here’s its subsequent sequels and TV series spin-offs in the correct chronological order.
Here’s the complete Scream franchise – including movies and TV series – in chronological order. It’s almost easy to forget the impact 1996’s Scream had on both the slasher genre and horror in general. While the early ’90s produced some great horror movies, it was something of a fallow period for the genre, but the success of Scream helped revitalize it. Its savage violence, witty meta-awareness and likable cast saw it become a sensation, and its success spawned many sequels and copycats like Urban Legends.
Like any franchise, some entries in the Scream movie franchise are better than others, but they all got creative with the rules and tropes of the genre. In keeping with trends of turning hit horror franchises in TV series, such as Hannibal or Bates Motel, Scream received its own show in 2015. The series was instantly controversial among fans for its decision to drop the iconic Ghostface mask in favor of a new mask, in addition to having no direct links with the films.
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The success of the most recent Scream movie and the confirmation another installment is already on the way shows the franchise is going nowhere. Whereas some franchises start to use subtitles for later entries to mask just how many sequels there have been, Scream always kept things relatively straightforward.
Only the fifth Scream movie deviates from the idiot-proof system of assigning numbers, which itself is a comment on the way legacy sequels like Halloween 2018 or Candyman 2021 just use the original title. Scream 2022 itself took on legacy sequels, toxic fandom and “elevated” horror in one of the series’ best outings. The Scream series is unique in that it’s an anthology horror show, but one where the first two seasons followed the same story, but the third and final outing followed a new set of characters.
Scream: Resurrection was a total reboot of the TV series that (wisely) brought back the original Ghostface design. That said, reception to the final season was mixed, and it was delayed due to MTV’s move away from scripted programming; it eventually aired on VH1 in 2019. A new series is unlikely in the near future, but the big screen iteration with return with Scream 6 – which could bring back some legacy characters – in 2023. Given that Scream 2022 made the bold choice to kill off one of the original, core Scream trio of main characters, the sixth movie itself may have to raise the bar with more shock deaths.

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