The Talent of the Fourth Member BABYMONSTER YG Entertainment Enami Asa, the oldest among the six members Shown, Appears to Rapp!

YG Entertainment introduced the fourth member of BABYMONSTER. The fourth member is named Asa who is the oldest member among the other six members.

The rookie girl group made by YG Entertainment was introduced in the past. Behind the name BABYMONSTER, it turns out that his age has drawn a lot of attention from netizens.

Now, after YG has shown the figures of the seven members from BABYMONSTER, one by one the agency seems to be introducing this little brother of BLACKPINK. Through a sneak peek released on Thursday, January 26 2023, YG showed a fourth member named Asa rapping on BlocBoy JB & Drake’s song ‘Look Alive’.

In particular, the owner of the full name, Enami Asa, will be YG Entertainment’s first female idol from Japan. Apart from that, it turns out that among the BABYMONSTER members who have been introduced, Asa is the oldest member.

In the video, fans can feel Asa BABYMONSTER’s performance through his fast rapping style. Not only that, he also has a soft voice that will captivate KPop lovers.

It is known, BABYMONSTER is a Kpop group under the YG Entertainment agency. This group turned out to have seven members from various countries including South Korea, Japan, to Thailand.

Then, ahead of his debut, some time ago YG Entertainment shared video footage of its two members, namely Haram and Ahyeon. Then, through the official YouTube channel, the agency also showed the performances of the five BABYMONSTER members namely Haram, Ahyeon, Ruka, Asa and Rora.

The debut of BABYMONSTER is also one of the moments that K-pop fans have been waiting for. The reason is, YG Entertainment finally debuted a female music group after BLACKPINK in 2016.

Meanwhile, it appears that YG Entertainment will continue to release introductory video footage of each BABYMONSTER member. Then, BABYMONSTER is also scheduled to debut in 2023. (bbi)

Asa is a Japanese trainee under YG Entertainment. She has the full name Enami Asa and was born in Japan in 2006. Asa is the fourth member introduced by YG as a member of the BABY MONSTER girl group. She is also the first Japanese female idol to debut under YG Entertainment.

On December 30, 2022, YG Entertainment released a poster announcing the debut of a new girl group. The new girl group was confirmed to be named BABY MONSTER on January 1, 2023. On January 18, 2023, YG Entertainment presented a dance performance featuring the five BABY MONSTER members, namely Ruka, Haram, Asa, Rora, and Ahyeon on the YG ENTERTAINMENT YouTube channel.

On January 26, 2023 at midnight, YG Entertainment introduced the fourth member of girl group BABY MONSTER. The fourth member is a trainee from Japan named Enami Asa.

Asa appeared with strong vocals through her life performance video on YG Entertainment’s YouTube channel. He rapped with a song called “Look Alive” by BlocBoy JB & Drake. A few hours after its release, Asa’s life performance video has seen more than 1.3 million views.

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