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Negan is one of the most complex characters in The Walking Dead. Here are his best moments in the AMC series, ranked.
Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan first appeared in The Walking Dead at the end of the season six finale. It's here that he becomes the main antagonist after killing several beloved characters on the AMC series. Throughout the hit zombie show, Negan has demonstrated a penchant for violence, and has become one of the most complex and, per Cinema Blend, even best characters on TV right now.
As The Walking Dead marches towards its series finale, now is a great time to look back at Negan's best moments. Indeed, as the series developed, so did his character. And while his redemption is a complicated issue, he has effectively become accepted into the main community. Here are his best moments in The Walking Dead, ranked.
One of the most important parts of understanding Negan’s character in The Walking Dead is gaining an understanding of his backstory. He has been on a wild journey, and we understand much more humanizing aspects to his character when we learn about everything he's experienced and suffered. We learn of how the failure of his marriage impacted him and the horrible circumstances with which it ended. All of this shed new light on his character, and, more significantly, it changed the way many viewers may have felt towards him thereafter.
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In season 7, episode 4 of The Walking Dead, Negan and the saviors arrive at Alexandria for the first time. Rick had set aside items for them, however, they end up taking all of their weapons and beds, leaving everyone else defenseless. The episode features interactions between Negan and Gabriel, which are comical as Negan makes note of Gabriel’s creepiness.
In season 10 of The Walking Dead, Negan does some soul-searching when Maggie comes back to Alexandria, causing him to move out for his own protection. He carries a bat, which he has named after his wife, Lucille, and in one episode he buries the bat, allowing himself to finally say goodbye to her and let go. He allows himself to move on from the trauma he held around his wife, which effectively marks one of his more poignant moments in the AMC series.
In season 10 of The Walking Dead, Maggie returns to Alexandria and convinces Michonne to hand over the keys to Negan’s cell. She realizes that Rick's decision to allow Negan to live with him is not a kind one and that he has hit rock bottom. We see how broken he is by what has happened to him in life and the choices he has made, and it’s the beginning of the brutal process he has to undergo to rebuild himself.
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Negan bonds with Judith throughout The Walking Dead, making it one of the most unexpected friendships of the series. We see that he has a soft spot for children, and he admires Judith’s bravery throughout the series. He saves her when she runs into the snow after Dog, and returns her to Michonne, showing that his character has more layers than we know.
The season seven finale of The Walking Dead sees Rick teaming up with the scavengers to attack Negan. Negan is aware of these plans and attempts to outsmart them. What's more, he almost kills Carl in front of Rick; however, the Kingdom arrives, and an all-out war ensues. It’s an action-packed episode where we see Negan’s character at his most desperate — and his worst.
Negan teamed up with Alpha in The Walking Dead, which initially shocked audiences; however, we quickly discovered that he was a double agent working in tandem working with Carol, who was seeking revenge after the death of her son at the hands of Alpha. Alpha intends to kill Lydia for betraying her, and Negan ultimately kills Alpha to protect her in a twist of events.
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