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Smallville alum Tom Welling has officially joined the cast of the CW’s prequel drama TV series The Winchesters as Samuel Campbell.
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Some series are just so good that fans just can’t get enough. Despite having aired for 15 seasons, Supernatural is one of those amazing series. Luckily, its spin-off is currently in production, no need to worry, now it’s just time for the wait. Maintaining its reign as the most popular series on the CW, despite having ended in 2020, Supernatural was a well-loved series that is about to get a spin-off. Starting in 2005, no one thought the show would go on for as long as it did, but fans are thankful it did. Since the finale, fans had been mourning the show, only to have their hopes raised once again when it was announced that the show would have a spin-off that delved a little bit into the past.
The spin-off sequel takes place in the 1970s and follows the life of Sam and Dean’s parents, John Winchester and Mary Campbell. Not even a twinkle in their parents’ eyes yet, neither of the boys is expected to have much of a role in the story about their fateful relationship hunting monsters, however, Jensen Ackles does appear to be reprising his role as Dean Winchester, and is thought to be the narrator of his parents’ story.
The rest of the cast is currently known to be comprised of Bianca Kajilich as Millie Winchester, Bridget Regen as Roxy, Drake Rodger as John Winchester, Demetria McKinney as Ada Monroe, Jojo Fleites as Carlos, Meg Donnelly as Mary Campbell, Michael Tacconi as Hank Murphy, Nida Khurshid as Latika, Sterlin English as Barry, Veronica Berry as Dana, and their most recent addition.
Best known for his role as Clark Kent in Smallville, Tom Welling was confirmed to be a part of the cast for The Winchesters at New York Comic-Con. Smallville was one of the CW’s early major successes and remains in the top 10 most popular series on the network, the pilot having aired over two decades ago. Much like Supernatural, despite having ended, fans still watch the series repeatedly to this day.
One of the star’s latest performances is in Scott Windhauser’s action film Deep Six. In the new spin-off series, Welling will be playing the role of Samuel Campbell, a younger version of the one we have seen before in Supernatural seasons 4 and 6. Although his suspicious nature and intense love for his daughter are unlikely to change, Welling could present a more sympathetic version of Samuel for audiences to relate to, perhaps presenting a side of him from before he had grown harsh from his monster hunting days.
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Originally played by Mitch Pileggi during his first appearance in seasons 4 and 6 of Supernatural, Samuel Campbell has always been a gruff, no-nonsense man, and although all monster hunters seem to be anti-social, he is especially so. And frankly, it’s understandable. The man was killed back in 1973 by the yellow-eyed demon Azazel (played by Fredric Lehne in Supernatural) and then resurrected by Crowley (played by Mark Sheppard in Supernatural) to hunt his grandson, Sam (played by Jared Padalecki).
Even despite having died and been resurrected, Samuel Campbell has a surprisingly dark edge in Supernatural, with harsh methods that even Sam and Dean frown upon. For now, it’s still unknown if we will be seeing this harsher version of the patriarch or if we will get to see a softer side of him before all goes to hell.
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