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I can’t speak for every single person but I can speak for most when I say,  most of us are foodies. I love food, I mean come on it is one of the things that make me survive. In the past year in Boca Raton, Florida for school I have reached out and tried multiple restaurants in Palm Beach County. While I might be just listing my personal top 10 food spots there are so many more places that do not get their credit. Keep in mind there is no particular order *I do not want them to ban me* 
I do like to be classic when it comes to Italian food. Yes, I am speaking about Fettuccine Alfredo. I haven’t been to a place that can possibly mess it up nor do I want to but I fell in love with Giovanni’s because of it. The alfredo sauce used is handmade making it very rich and creamy. They used traditional fettuccine rather than the pasta they give us at Olive Garden, that is actually a fun fact: Linguine (I didn’t tell you that though.)
As any other college student, when you think of ramen you are thinking about Cup Noodles well let me introduce you to Ramen Lab. The partner restaurant to Ganzo Sushi in Delray Marketplace – Same owner. The Miso Ramen with the add on of seasoned ground chicken is a great dish to start off if you’re new to trying ramen outside of silicone cups. The dish includes: Chicken broth, miso, boiled egg, corn, bamboo shoots, kakiage mushrooms, scallions, nori and sesame seeds. (As a Lynn Student you get 10% off)
I love Keke’s. Ask me any day of the week where I want to go to eat breakfast and I’m going to tell you Keke’s. What gets me is the HUGE chocolate chip pancakes. They’re buttermilk batter but better. Though, I know that doesn’t make sense, you just need to trust me with that. Keke’s is a Florida State Franchise so if you are a Florida resident or student you should have a Keke’s close by. 
This is another franchise but J. Alexanders does have multiple locations all across the country. It’s important to know that it is known for its steak menu and because of that it is on the more expensive side. A basic dish I recommend is the “Steak n’ Fries.” It is a French Brasserie style steak topped with garlic, served with French fries. 
This was actually the first restaurant I tried when I first moved to Boca Raton last year. It is the best restaurant on this list. Every single thing on that menu is great and recommended by me. It is an Argentinean husband and wife ran restaurant so you might find it to be homemade but honestly that is what makes it so much better. I would go here every week if I could. If there’s any place you should try from this list it is this one. 
Peter’s Pizzeria is my favourite after beach lunch. It is located on W Palmetto Park Road. It is located on the end of Palmetto next to South Pavilion Park Beach in Boca Raton. They have the best margherita style pizza but also the Johnny’s Vodka Pie is a personal menu favourite. You will leave satisfied and full after eating two slices of your choice.  
I just tried this recently and fell in love with the look of the café and the service. My waiter was so excited and happy to attend to me, that just made the experience better. On the food side, everything was delicious with a big number of portions. They give you an order of biscuit beignets as an appetizer if it is your first time at the location. 
Maybe you can tell by now but pizzerias do not disappoint around here! I went here with my boyfriend as it is located halfway for both of us and we were not disappointed. Meat lovers, margherita and regular cheese are the personal favourites. This place is actually a perfect after beach spot as it is just down the street from the beach if you are on Atlantic!
BOOM! Another pizzeria, are we surprised? I’m not. If you were to ask me a couple years ago if I was such a big fan of pizza, I would tell you no. It’s a new thing for sure but I definitely grew to love it. This location is in the new development in front of Delray Marketplace on Atlantic. The service is great and the food has sharable portions which makes it even better if you want to have a lady and the tramp moment. It is brick oven pizza so if you dig that you’ll dig this place. 
Ugh! I am a sucker for burgers. Wow at this point I think I just love junk food. Whoops! Anyway, this place is a hidden gem. It’s behind the main road in a quiet area though there is an Irish bar right next to it. There’s so many different options and hilarious names for the types of burgers such as “Big Titty Burger” and “The REAL Big Titty Burger.” I mean really? Who wouldn’t want to have that at 1AM on a tuesday. The fries that come on the side are great. Though there is speciality in burgers they have so much more such as salads, quesadillas, wings, wraps, sandwiches, and DESSERTS.
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