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Is it such a thing as too much Halloween? Well, fortunately not! Last week TV shows and movie tops were skyrocketing with cool Halloween-themed titles.
Let’s take the TV shows top, for example. Interview With the Vampire, following Louis de Pointe’s intriguing story of love, blood, and the threats of immortality, landed first.
Top 10 TV shows in the United States last week (10/03– 10/09)
Chucky came in second, followed by Yellowstone, which finally succeeded in landing higher. Other titles include Rick and Morty, Better Call Saul, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, and The Patient.
As for the movies that made the list last week, we have some of the best titles so far, including Hellraiser in the first position and Werewolf by Night in the second (talking about the horror season, right?!)
Top 10 movies in the United States last week (10/03– 10/09)
Other cool titles include Nope, Halloween, Bullet Train, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. For a better Halloween experience, wait for the next movie and TV shows tops!
This fall will definitely bring some of the best titles so far. So stay tuned for more!
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