TOP BIGBANG’s Wine Products Are Selling Well In The Global Market

This Was Conveyed Directly By TOP Via His Instagram Upload On Thursday (5/1) Local Time. Because Of This Success, He Did Not Forget To Express His Gratitude.

TOP BIG BANG is known not to have renewed his contract with YG Entertainment. Recently, he started his new activities as a wine businessman . He launched his own wine brand called T’SPOT.

Not cans, TOP’s wine even sold out in a number of South Korean retailers in just one hour after it was launched. Apart from South Korea, T’SPOT wine is also available online in the United States, Japan, Taiwan to Singapore.

Recently, TOP returned to deliver happy news. Who would have thought, online sales of T’SPOT wine were also selling well in the global market. In just one week since its launch, T’SPOT’s wine products were immediately sold out .

This was conveyed directly by TOP via his Instagram upload on Thursday (5/1) local time. He did not forget to express his gratitude.

” Thank you all for your support, ” said TOP while uploading several screenshots of news about his wine. ” We plan to produce more T’SPOT wine in several major countries through exclusive importers. Thank you for your understanding. ”

For the time being, T’SPOT is currently only sold in a few areas of South Korea. But do not rule out if he will widen the business coverage area.

In his wine business, TOP does not hesitate to get involved directly. Apart from being a curator, this man who was born on November 4, 1987 also took part in the process of selecting, manufacturing, and branding his products.

The success of selling TOP wine was suddenly greeted enthusiastically by fans. Apart from congratulating them, some fans also hoped that TOP would sell their wine products in their country.

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