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The Philippines has the best and worst egg dishes, according to readers of Taste Atlas, an experiential online travel guide on food.
With five being the highest, the beloved Tortang Talong got a 4.7 rating as one of the best-rated egg dishes in the world.
On its website however, the editors of Taste Atlas ranked the Filipino dish made of roasted eggplants and lightly beaten eggs only at number six, next to Japan's Tamogayaki and Tunisia's Shakshouka.
Japan's Chawanmushi, a delicate custard soup, got the number one spot as the best egg dish in the world.
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Meanwhile, the Philippines also got the worst rating on egg dishes for Balut with a rating of 2.7.
The popular yet unusual Filipino delicacy is a hard-boiled duck egg after it has been fertilized and incubated. The cooked embryo is eaten straight from the egg's shell in traditional Filipino cuisine.
TasteAtlas also ranked Balut as the world's worst-rated egg dish.
Filipino food has surely been making its presence known in the world map. TasteAtlas also hailed our sinigang as the best soup in the world for 2021. 
Most recently, three of our pizzerias have been named among the best in APAC. — LA, GMA News


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