TXT Runs On The Grasslands In ‘Sugar Rush Ride’, Filming Locations In Bali Makes An Uproar

TXT Released A Teaser For Their Newest Song ‘Sugar Rush Ride’ On Wednesday (25/1/2023). One Of The Scenes Shows The Members Running Around Which Turns Out To Be Taken In A Beautiful Place In Bali, Indonesia.

TXT is teasing fans again by uploading a teaser video for their latest comeback. This South Korean boy band released the second teaser video for the song “Sugar Rush Ride” via the HYBE LABELS YouTube channel on Wednesday (25/1/2023).

In the MV teaser, TXT members are seen sleeping in a beautiful dream forest and suddenly fly into the air. Then it shows the five TXT members running in a shady green meadow.

Interestingly it was revealed that the meadow in the video clip is located in Bali, Indonesia. They also use a production house from Bali, namely Baliprod.

This was revealed by the TXT fanbase account on Twitter, @translatingTXT . This account includes a screenshot containing the description of the TXT teaser video “Sugar Rush Ride”.

Fans were immediately excited to know the location of their favorite boyband was in Indonesia. They are also proud because their favorite boyband used the natural beauty of Bali as the location for the “Sugar Rush Ride” video clip.

” @sandiuno Sir, look at it. One of the famous K-pop boy bands shot the MV in Bali ,” said the account @nick *** . ” Omg omg omgg, no wonder the vibes are really indo ,” continued the account @naza *** . ” Yeeeeay, residents of +62, let’s be proud, Masya Allah, it’s amazing ,” said the account @rizky *** .

For information, “Sugar Rush Ride” is the main song of their 5th mini album entitled “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION”. The comeback from TXT will take place in 2 more days on Friday (27/1/2023).

Meanwhile, previously TXT members such as Yeonjun and Taehyun took the time to talk about their new songs after the previews of each track were revealed. When asked which song he likes the most, Yeonjun chose “Sugar Rush Ride” and “Farewel, Neverland”.

The 2002-born idol admits that he can feel the same emotions as “0X1=Love Song”. “With ‘Farewell, Neverland’, I feel the same emotions I felt during ‘0X1=Love Song’,” said Yeonjun.

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