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There is something so comforting about a miniature loaf of bread filled with steamy soup.
Whoever first thought to hollow out some bread and fill it with soup deserves a Nobel Prize in hygge, if that category is ever added.
From Danish and Norwegian, hygge essentially translates to a sense of being cozy, comfortable or content.
The bread bowl concept originated in 15th century Ireland, according to Foodicles. A British duke was served soup in a loaf by an Irish nobleman and was impressed, so the Brit invested in a bread bowl shop that was run by the Irishman in what is now Dublin.
Nearly 600 years later, it’s fairly common to find a bread bowl full of delicious soup on menus across the U.S., especially this time of year as the weather turns.
Making a bread bowl is somewhere in between making buns and making an artisan loaf — standard bun size would be too small, but most of us would not be able to eat a loaf’s worth of bread and soup in one sitting.
The creation of bread into a bowl yields an important question: What to do with the insides?
I love the insides of bread and tend to just snack on them or save them to dip in my soup, but the insides can also be saved to make croutons or bread crumbs to be used in meatloaf or meatballs or just on top of a salad.
This recipe is a pretty standard bread recipe. It came together quickly and uses rapid rise yeast, so it rose in a short amount of time.
The recipe called for dividing it into six bowls, but the bowls were a little small for my taste, at least if the soup in a bread bowl is meant to be the main course. The six came out to a good side-dish size.
When I make these again for a main course, I’m going to make four.
Once the bread is all baked and cooled, it’s time to turn the buns into bowls. I’m a big fan of making a smaller opening in the top and scooping out as much around the sides. That way more soup will fit in the bowl.
I put my bread bowls in a bigger traditional bowl and purposely overfilled them, since that was supper, but they held the soup quite well before the overflow. That being said, it’s never a bad idea to plan for overflow in case the knife pokes through or tearing out the middle gets a little zealous.
Creamy soups, like broccoli cheese or tomato, go best in a bread bowl. A brothy soup will just soak in too much.
Practice hygge to the fullest and bake some bread bowls for that next batch of soup.
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