WayV Distributes TMI Is Too Personal, From Placing Patches On Buttocks To Cleaning Up Vomit

The Official Account For ‘Weekly Idol’ Has Shared Each WayV Member’s Full Profile And Revealed More TMI And Undisclosed Member Moments.

WayV is known as an idol who is open and doesn’t hesitate to speak bluntly, especially when telling fans information that falls into the TMI (Too Much Information) category. Recently, some private information was revealed through their own mouths.

Some of the members have previously shared things about their room having a weird smell right down to pooping, much to the amusement of fans. In particular, YangYang seems to like sharing details about everything with fans.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that WayV took TMI to the next level during their appearance on ” Weekly Idol “. First, during the episode, it was revealed what Ten was doing while he was showering.

YangYang explained that Ten always took a shower right before they had to leave and often invited him to the bathroom to do whatever the youngest member needed. Ten replied that they were “like brothers” so it was fine to share a bathroom.

TMI Xiaojun is funny because he admits he hates TMI and has no funny stories. According to him, he often wears underwear in bright and extreme colors, such as hot pink and cheetah images, which the members confirmed.

When YangYang tries to explain why she has the underwear, Ten interrupts and says she always responds by saying, “I’m hot.” Although this was the end of TMI during the show, the official “Weekly Idol” account shared each member’s full self-profile and revealed more TMI and undisclosed member moments.

While TMI Kun is pretty normal, he revealed that while drinking with the members, he threw up once. “One day I threw up while drinking with the members and cleaned up my own vomit,” he wrote.

Ten’s TMI involved him and Kun placing a pain relief patch too low. “My butt hurt while preparing for the performance of ‘Birthday’, so I asked Kun to help me apply the pain relief patch, but he put it too low and it was so hot in the middle of the night that I woke up in pain,” she revealed.

Hendery shared that he has a very easy way to be able to play games instead of hanging out with other members.

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