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Get World Cup ready with Sky Stream: the new streaming service which gives you access to Freeview TV, Sky, Netflix and more.
Sky Stream is the latest innovation on the Sky Glass platform. Up until recently, it has only been available for Sky Glass customers, as you needed the dedicated TV system to work – but not anymore.
As of today, Sky Stream is available as a standalone service for anyone who can’t have (or simply doesn't want) the Sky Glass setup.
Sky Stream is a streaming pack which works on any existing television. It gives you access to Freeview TV and Sky content without the need for a satellite dish or professional installation. Simply plug Sky Stream into your TV via HDMI, connect to the internet and away you go! You can now watch all of your favourite TV shows and films.
We’ve made this sound simple, and in a way, it is. However, before purchasing a new piece of tech, what you really want to know is: Is it worth it?
Well, we’re here to tell you a bit more about Sky Stream, its release date and availability in the UK, as well as its price and how it differs from Sky Glass and Sky Q.
Buy Sky Stream from £26 per month at Sky
Sky Stream is a small, rectangular box, like Apple TV or Virgin Media’s Stream. Plug it into your TV and you can stream entertainment over Wi-Fi.
You don’t need Sky Glass to purchase Sky Stream. Sky Stream offers the full Sky Glass user interface and streaming properties: all of your channels, shows and apps are in one place.
If you find something you fancy watching but don’t want to do so right that second, you can also create a personalised playlist with both apps and channels. Another feature Sky Glass customers love is 'Restart': you can hop on any live TV show and choose to watch it from the beginning.
The voice remote also lets you control your TV with your voice — fancy!
With over 120 channels featuring smash-hit shows like House of the Dragon, Succession and Gangs of London, on services like Sky TV, Netflix, and Freeview TV, Sky Stream is worth the cash for the amount of content available. We’ll chat more about that later.
There’s the option to purchase a 31-day rolling plan that you can cancel at any time, or an 18-month contract which offers the best value for money.
Buy Sky Stream from £26 per month at Sky
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Sky Stream arrives today (Tuesday 18th October) as a standalone device.
For UK customers, Sky Stream is available to buy on the Sky store from today.
Buy Sky Stream from £26 per month at Sky
As we touched on earlier, for the amount of content Sky Stream offers, it is great value for money – and is the most affordable way to get Sky TV and Netflix together.
The 31-day rolling plan starts from £29 per month, while the 18-month contract starts from £26 per month.
Both of the plans include the Sky Ultimate TV package (with over 120 channels), Freeview TV and Netflix. The viewing is HD as standard. As always with Sky, there’s also the option to add specific packages like Sky Cinema and Sky Sports, and channels like Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus.
There’s a £39.95 set-up fee for the 31-day rolling plan, and a £20 set-up fee for the 18-month contract. There’s also a one-year warranty.
Buy Sky Stream from £26 per month at Sky
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What is Sky Glass? Sky Glass is a TV that has Sky’s services built into it. You can stream every channel, show and app over Wi-Fi. In a way, Sky Stream is like Sky Glass (it even has the same interface), except you don’t need the Sky Glass TV for Sky Stream.
What is Sky Q? Sky Q launched in 2016 to replace Sky+ and Sky+ HD. It’s a multimedia platform that lets you see all of your services, apps, and channels in one place. Whereas Sky Q opens to the home screen with a live TV box in the top left-hand corner, Sky Stream looks the same as Sky Glass.
Buy Sky Stream from £26 per month at Sky
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