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We never really thought we’d reach our breaking point—until someone asked us what’s for dinner and we totally freaked out. Sometimes you can make lemons into lemonade, and sometimes there’s so. much. going. on. that yet another home-cooked meal is the last thing on your frazzled brain. (Don’t feel alone, because according to one 2021 survey, about one third of adults feels so stressed they struggle with basic decisions like what to eat.)
With that in mind, here are 40 of our favorite simple, foolproof recipes that are exactly what to make when you’re tired of everything, from fresh and easy 15-minute fish to a comforting sausage and fennel pasta.
40 Comfort Food Recipes for When You Need a Hug on a Plate
Cooking fish at home doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal reserved for special occasions. This meal leans on herby breadcrumbs for most of its flavor, so it’s practically foolproof. (Psst: Stash a bag of the topping in your freezer for last-minute meals.)
Fried chicken sounds delish, doesn’t it? This skillet dinner has a similar flavor profile, but it doesn’t require the effort of deep-frying.
When feeding yourself feels like a chore, a store-bought rotisserie chicken should become your new BFF. (It’s beyond versatile; just see number 34 on this list for further evidence.) If you’re feeling at all ambitious, you can assemble a second tray of these enchiladas and freeze them for later.
You’d like to dive head-first into a bowl of creamy pasta, but you also like salad. This meal calls for a pound of greens and a pound of noodles, because balance is important.
What if we told you that you could cook the rice and protein in the same pot at the same time? Dreams really do come true.
We’ll always love a mayo-based salad, but it’s time to switch up the usual tuna. Canned chickpeas are just as convenient and protein-rich, but they have the benefit of being vegetarian.
If you’re zapped of energy by dinnertime, why not start cooking while the day is young? This slow cooker number is comforting and delightfully hands-off.
This classic pasta starts with canned tomatoes, but you can let your oven do the hard work as it concentrates all those juices and transforms into a rich sauce.
This recipe starts with a homemade stock, which, before you freak out, is pared down for simplicity. It gets a boost of savory flavor from miso paste, the beans are canned, the greens are swappable and the entire thing is easier to whip up than grabbing a can opener. (And the final product tastes better too.)
These tacos take 20 minutes from start to finish, all with a few flavorful ingredients you likely already have on hand. Save time and skip peeling those spuds.
Breakfast for dinner (aka brinner) is already a great way to switch up your routine—make it even better with this no-recipe recipe. You don’t even need to get out a measuring cup.
Good news: While this soup takes an hour to make, you’ll only spend 15 minutes actively prepping anything. The secret to streamlining? Using flavorful ground sausage to make the meatballs.
Oh hey, six-ingredient seafood dinner. Mind if we make you every night this week?
Sheet pan…soup? Believe it. Roasting the vegetables before pureeing them adds a ton of deep, caramelized flavor, plus the oven does most of the work.
Normally, making homemade pierogi is an ambitious cooking project best saved for weekends (and with a few helpers). These dumplings are more like gnocchi, and since there’s no filling or crimping, they’re Tuesday night–friendly.
How do we love thee, Italian sausage? Let us count the ways. (Seriously though, we’re forever grateful to all those spices doing the heavy lifting.)
Admit it: There’s nothing like a homemade chicken tenders to make you feel a little better about your day.

Ten minutes of prep, ten minutes of cooking and you’re on your way to a seriously slurpable bowl of pasta. (BTW, there are less than ten ingredients involved, but you can’t tell by taste alone.)
Steak? On a weeknight?! Believe it. This fancy-pants meal is actually a cinch to make, especially with a little proverbial hand-holding from Queer Eye’s resident food expert, Antoni Porowski.
Whether you’re hosting a gathering or just want to dress up a Friday night dinner, there’s no need to spend hours toiling in the kitchen. Want proof? Make this five-ingredient stunner.
Use the salsa recipe as a guide. If you have other peppers or onions or more corn in your fridge, don’t be afraid to use them up.
It’s easy, tasty and ready in the time it takes you to watch about ten TikTok videos.
This cozy vegetarian dish conjures up images of a summer vacation in Italy. Need we say more?
An hour until dinner sounds like a long time and a lot of work, until you realize that most of those minutes are spent drooling at the oven door.
If you start with store-bought gnocchi, you’re looking at the foundation for an easy weeknight meal. Another perk: minimal dishes to clean.
Well, well, well, isn’t this a gourmet meal? Good news: It’s deceptively simple to whip up. (Not to mention, there’s burrata.)
Give your usual broccoli and bland chicken breasts a ROYGBIV upgrade with peppers, carrots, onions and a sesame-soy-honey glaze for a boost of flavor.
FYI, you have full permission to shortcut this recipe and use store-bought pesto if you want to save yourself eight ingredients and 15 minutes.
We don’t have the energy to force down a cupful of green vegetables for our health, but if it’s hidden in a silky green pasta sauce, we’ll happily oblige.
The sheet-pan meal is often billed as the be-all, end-all convenient dinner, but the reality is a little trickier. This version *actually* nails the method: The vegetables are par-cooked before the chicken goes in, so everything is perfectly cooked at the same time.
Here, we call for peas and spinach, both of which are at their peak in spring. But you could just as easily switch it up and use another seasonal vegetable in their place.
Hey, you. Stop scrolling and put your phone away. You have a pillowy soft pizza to make. (It’s easy, promise.)
Proof that pasta doesn’t have to be complicated to be luscious. Take that, jarred red sauce.
For ultimate ease, start with a store-bought rotisserie chicken. The recipe makes a giant batch, so you can use the leftovers all week long for lunches, too.
When you feel like Sunday supper on a Wednesday, grab your skillet. This recipe is hearty, delicious and most importantly fast, even though it tastes like you spent all day making it.
Are you familiar with the magic of store-bought cheese tortellini? It takes almost zero effort to dress up and tastes like you spent all day making it. The brown butter doesn’t hurt, either.
Haven’t you heard? Mushrooms are trending, and for good reason. They add meaty texture and flavor to everything they touch, including this savory pasta.
Steam-poaching the fish in coconut milk keeps it moist and gives it an instant jolt of flavor. To make this a full one-pot meal, you can toss in some sliced shiitakes or snap peas.
Because the best dinners are the ones you can customize, feel free to adjust this baby as you please. The kale can be swapped with any hearty green (like mustard greens or chard), the shallot can be replaced with onion and the feta can—actually, don’t skip the feta.
When all else fails, doctor up a charcuterie plate and call it dinner. You’ve earned it.
55 Easy Dinner Recipes for Beginners (That Even the Most Culinarily Challenged Can Manage)


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