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Four episodes at a time on Netflix’s new reality TV series The Mole come out, leaving fans eagerly anticipating its next batch of scenes. The show sees 12 contestants try to work together to figure out who the imposter is.
With a $1M prize pot to start off with, a ‘Mole’ tries to sabotage their cash wins, and each time they are successful, will have the power to decrease the amount left for the winner to take home with them.
So, when do new episodes of The Mole come out? There is only a couple of days until the big finale airs, so let’s find out exactly when the big imposter reveal is due to hit the streaming platform… (Hint: There’s not long to wait!).
With just a few episodes released at a time, The Mole fans are eager to keep binge-watching, but are forced to wait an entire week for the next batch to come out on Netflix. As a result, many are sharing their thoughts on Twitter.
One fan wrote: “‘The Mole’ on Netflix is one of the best reality shows ever! It needs to have 100 more seasons. But I don’t like waiting for the next episode, they should drop the whole season at once!! #TheMole #TheMoleNetflix.”
Another penned: “Started the new season of #TheMole on Netflix but didn’t realize all the episodes weren’t out yet.”
“I’m new to the Twitters, but I will ask y’all, who’s ready for the next batch of episodes of #TheMole on Netflix!? Friday can’t come soon enough! #Netflix #TheMoleNetflix,” reacted a viewer.
when netflix ends episode 8 with another annoying ass cliffhanger that was not needed whatsoever #themole pic.twitter.com/Q4v4h2WdOK
New episodes of The Mole will be airing on Friday October 21st, which are the final two episodes (9 and 10). The show’s first batch of episodes came out on October 7th 2022, before episodes 6 to 8 came out on October 14th.
Overall, episodes 1 to 8 are now on Netflix at the time of writing (October 19th). Fans eager to watch the final two episodes, where the identity of The Mole will be revealed, will have to wait a couple of days for its release.
Similarly to The Circle, the show has not released all episodes in one go, which has made the wait even more unbearable for fans! However, this way, no spoilers can be given until the day the last episode airs.
I really wish #TheMole dropped only 1 episode a week. If we all watched at the same time and had a whole week in between to talk theory, Twitter would straight up look like this: pic.twitter.com/oo4ADVFj9C
Netflix will release new episodes of The Mole at 3AM ET / 12AM PT. New shows and films are normally released on the streaming platform at midnight San Francisco time (12AM Pacific Time) – which is where Netflix HQ is located.
This is often the case for Netflix originals which has new episodes being released each week, meaning that they will be uploaded at the same time everywhere else. For example, those in mainland Europe get them at 9AM.


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