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Alexi Hawley’s crime show, The Rookie, starring actor Nathan Fillion has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews since its premiere. Nathan Fillion, in the role of rookie cop John Nolan, who decides very late in his life that he wants to be a police officer, has been appreciated by critics and fans alike for bringing the character to life.

The crime series, The Rookie, follows a middle-aged cop, John Nolan, who enters the police station a little later than usual. We see how she makes room for herself, proves her worth and eventually excels at her job and makes a name for herself. The series definitely started out about Nolan and his new life, but as the new season has progressed, the show’s creators have expanded the story to other characters and cases.

This might not be the best move considering the other actors in the show who played different characters weren’t as memorable despite their hard work. The storyline was interesting in that it revolved around Nolan, but with producers focusing more on other cases and characters, it became like any other cop series.

Apart from Nathan Fillion, the show also featured Alyssa Diaz, Richard T. Jones, Melissa O’Neil, Afton Williamson, Mekia Cox, and many others who contributed greatly to the show, not doing enough to make the show stand out from the rest of the troopers. show. It was revealed by actor Nathan Fillion that his character in the show was actually inspired by a real-life cop named Bill Norcross, who joined the force later than usual.

Nathan Fillion as John Nolan in the show, The Rookie (Credit: ABC)
Nathan Fillion as John Nolan in the show, The Rookie (Credit: ABC)

While the show started off with a spotlight on John Nolan, it has certainly managed to widen its scope and has even introduced lots of new characters and storylines. In recent seasons, we’ve seen Nolan really settle into the LAPD, even getting involved in high-profile cases. The show’s creators also decided to ditch Nolan’s middle-aged cop vibes, bringing in one particular character for the sake of him having a happy love life.

John Nolan & Partners

The series opens its first episode with John Nolan confirming that he was recently divorced, specifying that the show will, at some point, introduce his ex-wife. She mentions her relationship with him isn’t the worst thing that could have happened, it’s just that things didn’t work out between the two. It is also revealed that Nolan has a son who goes to college, although he is barely mentioned in the episode.

With the series moving on, Nolan manages to find another love interest named Lucy Chen, and the two begin dating, although their relationship doesn’t last more than a few months. Lucy dated other people, while Nolan was also in a relationship with a woman named Jessica Russo. They continued to date for most of the second season but ultimately decided to break up because Russo, still a young woman, wanted to have children of her own, but Nolan, an old man in his mid-forties, didn’t want to raise another one. one of his.

John Nolan and Grace Sawyer together (Credit: ABC)
John Nolan and Grace Sawyer together (Credit: ABC)

As they disbanded, the series introduced another character named Grace Sawyer, Nolan’s high school date, and it became so prominent that the two might end up together. The two eventually date, but their relationship doesn’t work out, as it is revealed that Sawyer is married and wants to continue to be with her husband.

Nolan’s recent and perhaps most lasting relationship began with the entry of Bailey Nune, a firefighter and Nolan’s current love interest. At the time Bailey is introduced, she is still married, but revealed to be an abusive marriage, which Nolan helped get out of. She made sure that the two could get a divorce and that her husband stay in prison as long as possible.

The story takes turns so Bailey and Nolan see each other frequently, eventually developing a relationship with each other. This was Nolan’s first serious relationship, as it continued to develop over several seasons, eventually getting to the point where the two were engaged. We’ll only find out where these two will take their relationship, but fans are really hoping for the two to continue together.

John Nolan and Bailey Nune together in the show, The Rookie (Credit: ABC)
John Nolan and Bailey Nune together in the show, The Rookie (Credit: ABC)

Bailey is one confident and secure woman who doesn’t shy away from or feel jealous when she meets Nolan’s ex. He is an optimistic character who seems to completely trust Nolan, knowing enough that he would do nothing to damage their relationship. Producers continued to bring back Nolan’s exes on the show, and fans continued to worry that like other shows, The Rookie would also indulge in a love triangle just to add spice to the show.

While this hasn’t happened yet, perhaps because of Bailey’s strong and secure personality, fans still hope that the show will continue as it is now.

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