Yujin IVE And Jung Eunji A Pink Show Off Photos From The Pre-Debut Period, Apparently Have Something In Common

Ahn Yujin Has Been Nearsighted Since He Was Born So The Idol Always Wears Really Thick Glasses. His Friends Were Also Used To Looking At Him With Small Eyes.

Apink ‘s Jung Eun Ji and IVE’s Ahn Yujin appeared as guests on the MBC program ” Radio Star ” with Han Ga In and Jae Jae , which aired on January 11. Here, Eun Ji and Yujin talk about the past including sharing pre-debut photos.

On the broadcast, Yujin shared, “I filmed a contact lens commercial when I was a trainee. I was a middle school student at that time, but I acted as a university student. Many people commented that I looked older than a university student.”

The idol continued, “I even played an office worker after that. Looking back at the commercial now, I think I was as young as a baby, like a real middle school student. I wonder why they say I look older than my age.”

Talking about the reason he wears glasses, Yujin revealed, “I have been nearsighted since I was born so I always wear very thick glasses. My friends are also used to seeing me with small eyes. That’s why I feel burdened to take off my glasses. I think it would be more it’s good to keep glasses on. However, I took off my glasses after debut and was mentioned among the 6 idols who looked pretty.”

Looking at Ahn Yujin’s elementary school graduation photo when he was wearing glasses, Kim Gura said, “He looks like an office worker.” Eun Ji replied, “Your eyes are empty. She’s so beautiful.”

Eun Ji then shared a graduation photo of herself with glasses on, and her unexpected resemblance to Sung Si Kyung immediately garnered attention. Kim Gura admitted that Eun Ji looked like Sung Si Kyung and asked him, “Do you see (the resemblance to) Sung Si Kyung?” Eun Ji replied, “We look alike.” He added, “I listened to Sung Si Kyung’s songs a lot back then.”

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